11KG -12.00KG Free Range Bronze Turkey

£11.28 / kg

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For Collection between 18th December & 24th December.

Herb Fed Bronze Turkeys are free to come and go from the barn during the day and enjoy foraging in the paddock and feeding on the freshly cut herbs that supplement their diet and will impart that all important flavour.

The birds are dry plucked to give the finest finish and hang for a minimum of 10 days to provide a fuller flavoured, firmer textured meat.

These “Great Taste Award” Turkeys are a Premium Christmas Product.

Supplied with giblets.

Please Note: On all Meat, Cheese and Fruit and Vegetable ordered for collection from 18th December-24th December the below will apply.

When you order online you will be charged for the weight you order, on collection there will probably  be a small amount extra to pay, i.e. a 5kg turkey at £14.98 per kg =£74.90, but you may receive a 5.3kg turkey at £14.98 = £79.39 so there will a small balance to pay of  £4.49 on collection

Guide to the size you will need

5Kg  8-10 people for one meal

6Kg  10-12 people for one meal

7Kg  12-14 people for one meal

8Kg  14-16 people for one meal

9Kg  16-18 people for one meal

10Kg  18-20 people for one meal

11Kg  20-22 people for one meal

Don’t forget you can allow an extra 250grams per person for Boxing day