Rolled Turkey Breast

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Rolled Turkey Breast:

These Turkey breasts all completely boneless and represent great value. Taken from the larger turkeys we roll them and cut into smaller joints ranging from just over 2 Kg up to 6 Kg in weight.

Size guide: (For average appetite )

For one meal allow 200 grms per person, if you need of leftovers for Boxing Day and sandwiches allow 300 grms per person.

Please Note: On all Meat, Cheese and Fruit and Vegetable ordered for collection from 18th December-24th December the below will apply.

When you order online you will be charged for the weight you order, on collection there will probably  be a small amount extra to pay, i.e. a 5kg turkey at £14.98 per kg =£74.90, but you may receive a 5.3kg turkey at £14.98 = £79.39 so there will a small balance to pay of  £4.49 on collection